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ZooBase is a software package aimed at supporting all sorts of animal management. Whether you run an entire zoo or breed pedigree dogs, whether you raise parakeets or share your house with a bunch of snakes - we trust that ZooBase is for you.

ZooBase runs on all current versions of the Windows™ operating sytems - it does not have any special requirements. As long as your operating system runs fine on your machine, so will ZooBase in most cases. Currently ZooBase is not available for the Apple and Unix platforms but we have just started development of a version for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard & Lion).

Single-user, multi-user and full client/server versions of ZooBase are available, as is a demo version. The demo is a single-user version, restricted to a maximum of three animals - if that's all the animals you have, please be our guest and enjoy our software for free.